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Healthy Ways to Change Your Mood and Boost Your Spirit


By Jayaram V

Do you feel bad sometimes? Is that preventing you from experiencing peace and happiness in your life or from achieving your goals? It is human to experience mood swings. Life does not always happen as expected. In the journey of life, one has to cope with problems, disappointments and setbacks.

Even when nothing happens, one may be haunted by memories of the past or vague feelings of anxiety and fear. When you feel you are stuck in situations, relationships and  circumstances you can use some simple techniques to boost  your mood. Some people resort to drugs and alcohol to cope with their emotional problems.

Certainly, in the end it will leave you feel more miserable. With the following suggestions you do not have to resort to such unhealthy and destructive practices. These suggestions are very effective to change or elevate your mood or to replace your negative emotions with positive ones.

Do something different like the following

1. Join the gym and do exercise

2. Go for a walk

3. Read classic

4. Call an old friend w

5. Take a day off from your routine work

6. Watch a good movie

7. Visit a friend

8. Go to theater or a museum

9. Go for a long drive

10. Visit the local library

11. Walk your pet

12. Attend to your garden

Pamper yourself

1. Make yourself a special lunch or dinner

2. Go to a restaurant with your friend or spouse

3. Go for massage

4. Take a hot shower

5. Practice relaxation

6. Go on a vacation

7. Listen to good music

8. Invite friends for a party

9. Wear good clothes

Change your thinking

1. Change your thoughts

2. Appreciate others

3. Express gratitude

4. Recollect pleasant experiences

5. practice meditation and mindfulness

6. Rephrase your experiences and perceptions

7. Dispute your negative thoughts

8. Avoid all or nothing thinking

9. practice affirmations

10. Pray to God

11. Believe in yourself

12. Help someone

13. Become a volunteer

14. Learn from your failures and mistakes

Long term strategies to cope with mood swings

1. Have a purpose and some goals

2. Organize and simplify your life

3. Practice detachment

4. Take responsibility for your life

5. Eat healthy and stay healthy

6. Avoid emotional vampires

7. Do what you love most

8. Be yourself

9. Avoid the compulsion to seek others' approval

10. Accept change as an integral part of life upon earth

11. Empower yourself with positive self-talk

12. Be authentic

13. Keep learning