Thinking Matters

Thoughts and Quotations

By Jayaram V

The following excerpts are from the book, "Think Success" by Jayaram V. You may purchase this book from here.

You are today more intelligent than when you were few years ago. It is because you learn through observation, analysis and understanding. most of which happens rather naturally without your active involvement.

Each experience is a window to your consciousness.

Open your heart to the immense possibilities that are awaiting you.

Stretch your mind to the heavens and beyond.

What you seek in life, you will find it, if you believe in it and work for it.

Happiness and sorrow are but mental responses to the events and situations we perceive. You can change them if you have the resolve.

My heroes work against odds and represent the best of human character and dignity in dealing with problems and over-coming hurdles. At times, they may fail and falter, but never lose their hope, faith, and focus. To me, they bear testimony to the fact that if we are determined we are unstoppable in reaching our goals. Through their lives and actions they prove that, despite our failings and shortcomings, we can self-craft our behavior and personalities to be role-models and the best of the species.

We have an insatiable desire to extend our influence in every possible direction. While some may think that it creates problems and complicates our lives, it is a great blessing because it fuels our dreams and desires.

The ultimate goal of life is not to have any goals. The real joy of living comes to us when we learn to flow with the world and accept life as it happens. This is the highest goal for the mankind, envisioned ages ago, by our saints, seers, teachers, prophets and incarnations.

Our preoccupation with materialistic life is but a disguised or even a sublimated expression of our spiritual longing to extend ourselves into the objective world and secure our lives.

If people do not succeed, it is because they do not want to. Knowingly or unknowingly, somewhere in their minds, or in their subconscious thoughts, they create limiting beliefs about their abilities and opportunities, and deny themselves the desire to succeed.

In life you either make things possible with your resolve or let them happen by remaining passive and inactive.

Our actions and interactions grease the wheels of life upon earth, creating positive and negative consequences, while we suffer because of them. The absence of even a single person on earth will have far reaching consequences for the generations that follow. A

To achieve something, we must believe in something, be it God, a personal philosophy, or a set of values that help us to deal with the problems we face and remain strong.

To fulfill the aims of creation and our existence, we must fully manifest our uniqueness and individuality until we rest in the ocean of life without a trace.

It is important to remember that in any effort to improve yourself or change your life you alone make the difference. The results depend largely upon your effort and involvement.